The Manarch Clan

A Dark Mafia Romance


“I have fallen in love with a man who will never be mine despite being his.”

Ava O’Brien is drowning in her father’s gambling debt. She hasn’t finished paying the last one when her father confesses he owes The Manarch Clan a hundred thousand dollars and has one week to pay. With no options she does the only thing she can, speak to the Manarch in charge.

The Manarch Clan is the Scottish Mafia known for being ruthless and unforgiving. They run the streets of New York City. Viktor Manarch has been groomed to take over the family business.

When Ava walks into the family restaurant he can’t help himself. He proposes an arrangement in exchange for payment. For every week she stays with him he deducts an amount off the debt.

But Viktor’s father has plans that don't include Ava. Does Viktor fulfill his responsibilities as the heir or risk a death sentence on Ava?

Possession is the first book in The Manarch Clan Series.