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My name is Bianca Romano. I am the daughter of Antonio Romano the head of the Italian Mafia. I had a perfect life. I was a year away from graduating. A brother who I adored and my father who could do no wrong.

Everything changed in a split second. My brother is dead. My father has declared war against Alek Ivanov the head of the Russian Mafia. Alek has kidnapped me as revenge for an attack against his family. He is holding me prisoner until he decides what he wants to do with me.

Now there is a problem it’s getting harder to stay away from him. He has declared I am his to keep. I have tasted his dark side and I want more. But the war isn’t going anywhere and I’ve become a pawn. I don’t know who to trust. Everyone is keeping secrets. I have to make a choice.

Do I choose Alek the architect of my desires, stand against my family, or walk away from it all?